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  • Squeezing the Most Out of California’s Water Supply
    On a recent market day at the San Francisco Ferry Building, Tory and Rebecca Torosian of Tory Farms, a second-generation, 80-acre orchard in the San Joaquin Valley, are hawking the last of their navel oranges, lemons and pomegranates as they head into a long hiatus.  Normally, a late winter crop of oro blancos, page mandarins […]
  • White House Proposes New Standards for ‘Product of USA’ Label
    Beef raised in Brazil. Pork processed in Canada. Eggs raised in New Zealand. All of these products—and more—are eligible for a “Product of USA” label under the current label regulations.  But that could change if new regulations are passed by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  Using a “Product of USA” label is voluntary, […]
  • United States, Mexico at Odds Over Mexico’s Ban of Genetically Modified Corn
    Anet Aguilar traces her passion for corn back to her grandmother. In the Mexican state of Baja California where Aguilar lived with her grandmother, flour tortillas were popular. Her grandmother Feliza Ramirez was from Mexico City, though, where she grew up milling corn in her neighborhood’s shared mill and forming it into tortillas daily. When […]
  • Turning a Locust Invasion into a Fertilizer Boon
    They say when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. But what happens when life throws swarms of desert locusts your way? You could make fertilizer from those locusts, as a team of innovators in Kenya demonstrated after a devastating invasion.  Running from 2018 to early 2022, the massive locust outbreak that hit parts of […]
  • To Cultivate Modern Sustainability, A California Wine Region is Turning to Very Old Methods
    Ask any of the wine grape growers planting own-rooted stock why they’re farming these massively risky grapevines and they’ll all tell you the same thing: They just want to make really great wine. But there’s another benefit to the gamble, too—unlike most American wine grapes, which are overwhelmingly grown on grafted rootstock, own-rooted vines are […]

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  • "Mother’s Day ‘ruined’ as flowers from M&S, Sainsbury’s, and MoonPig arrive dead and moldy"

    In the UK, Mother's Day was celebrated last Sunday, March 19. The Scottish Sun reports that angry shoppers have claimed Mother's Day has been "ruined" after flower orders from major retailers arrived dead and moldy.  "Customers have slammed shops including M&S, MoonPig, and Sainsbury's after allegedly receiving…

  • Cees den Boer, co-founder Svensson Netherlands, passed away

    On Monday, March 13, Cornelis (Cees) den Boer, former director and co-founder of Svensson Netherlands, passed away suddenly. He was 83 years old. Four weeks ago, Cees, together with his eldest daughter Clarinda, was at HortiContact in Gorinchem, where, after so many years, many people still knew and…

  • US (MI): Abele Greenhouse opens again after fire

    The smell of soil and smoke lingered in the air Monday morning, March 20, the first day of spring, as the crew at Abele Greenhouse filled pots and planted annuals in preparation for a busy season ahead. That was just hours after a fire destroyed part of the well-known greenhouse, one of Saginaw County's…

  • US: Cut flower producers attend workshops across Tennessee

    Recent cut flower workshops held across Tennessee provided practical production and business planning information for business success with local cut flowers, a popular new crop choice for Tennesseans starting or diversifying their farm. The University of Tennessee Extension Center for Profitable…

  • ''What you need for a future-proof water management plan''

    Drought was a major issue last summer, and more droughts are expected in the coming years. This will have an impact on growers. To help them prepare for this, ErfGoed is hosting a webinar on March 28: "What you need for a future-proof water management plan." This webinar will give an overview of the…

Bulb Industry

  • How to Plant Lilies

    How to Plant Lilies Lilies are flowers that are mainly grown from bulbs, although there is also a way to grow lilies from seeds. In this case, plants get sick less and acquire resistance to viruses and pests. But for most flower growers, this method will seem too harsh, because growing…

  • How To Grow Begonias From Corms Or Tuber

    How To Grow Begonias From Corms Or Tuber Begonias are very decorative and easy to grow. These plants tolerate shade well and are ideal for gardens that rarely see the sun. The flower grows well in the garden but is also suitable for balconies and window sills with a northern orientation. Growing […]

  • How and When to Plant Gladioli Bulbs

    How and When to Plant Gladioli Bulbs Gladiolus has long been considered the flower of warriors. It is known from ancient chronicles that gladiators wore its corm in a hair gag on their chest as a talisman. And now, there is a belief that a gladiolus planted near the house will protect all […]

  • Guide To Planting Dahlia Tubers

    Guide To Planting Dahlia Tubers Growing dahlias is easy, and any beginner can handle it. For the first time, dahlias were brought to Europe from America several centuries ago, and over this time, they have managed to adapt to various climatic conditions and spread everywhere from Scotland to […]

  • Growing Hostas from Seed

    Growing Hostas from Seed “Beauty of the garden,” “queen of the shadow” — there are a lot of nicknames gardeners give to this plant. Many of them save the best place on their site for this noble plant, frame flower beds with it, and use it in landscape design. Unfortunately, the…

  • Take Part in the 2023 State of CEA Report

    Survey to provide insight on emerging Controlled Environment Agriculture trends now live SEATTLE, WA March 20, 2023 – IUNU today released their fourth State of CEA Survey. This survey will provide insights on emerging trends and challenges in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry. IUNU has been releasing the leading industry report on CEA since

  • DLC Begins Accepting Applications March 31 Under its Version 3.0 Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements

    March 15 webinar will provide an overview of the application process MEDFORD, MA – March 13, 2023 – The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) will begin accepting applications on March 31 from horticultural lighting manufacturers interested in qualifying their products under the DLC’s Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements Version 3.0. Finalized in December 2022, the V3.0 requirements increase the efficacy and establish

  • Highlights GreenTech Americas Conference

    Amsterdam – 9 March 2023. During the GreenTech Americas Conference programme, leading (inter)national experts focus on optimizing crops in a controlled environment. At GreenTech Americas are the latest technologies and innovations of the industry in the region of Americas. From Tuesday, March 21 through Thursday, March 23, 200 companies and 2,400 professionals will be present on

  • Record Attendee, Exhibitor Growth Headline 10th Anniversary Edition of Indoor Ag-Con

     62% Attendance Increase For Las Vegas February 27-28, 2023 Event That Drew CEA Industry Members from 48 US States, 29 Countries Indoor Ag-Con marked its 10th Anniversary Edition with record increases in attendee and exhibitor participation for its February 27-28, 2023 run at Caesars Forum Las Vegas. The exhibitor booth roster doubled with a sold-out show floor

  • How do you overcome the environmental challenges of indoor farming?

    Lettuce being grown as baby greens at Purdue University are harvested 15 days after planting seeds. Seeds are sown close together to minimize loss of photons between plants. Photo courtesy of Cary Mitchell, Purdue Univ. Researchers with the OptimIA project are working to solve the environmental control issues facing indoor farm growers. While some might