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  • The House Proposed a New Farm Bill. This Will Affect Your Life—Even if You’re Not a Farmer.
    Despite the name, the Farm Bill doesn’t only affect farmers. If you eat food, the Farm Bill impacts you. It has huge implications for food production, nutrition assistance, animal welfare, the environment, trade and much more. It’s one of the most important pieces of legislation and is negotiated every five to seven years. As we […]
  • Closing the Loop on Poop
    Around 6.5 tons of [mostly] plastic-wrapped dog poop winds up in landfills in the United States every year. As most cities see it, that’s the only safe option. Unlike wildlife scat, which spreads seeds and returns nature’s nutrients in a balanced way, most conventional pet diets yield large amounts of waste. The average dog produces […]
  • Unsubscribe? FarmTok Worries About a TikTok Ban
    Twenty-eight million people have watched Joshua Westerfeld shovel wheat. The most popular video on his TikTok account, pinned to the top of his page, shows how his farm dealt with a water leak in its grain silo. A bad day for the farm, to be sure, but a good day to create content.  That’s just […]
  • Meet the Midwestern Farmer Restoring the Land by Growing Native Plants
    Mark Shepard didn’t set out to be a farmer, let alone a visionary one. Yet, three decades after securing his first piece of land, Shepard is one of the leading voices in non-traditional farming. He’s also the founder and operator of New Forest Farm, a perennial agricultural ecosystem, head of Restoration Agriculture Development, a land […]
  • Fiddleheads, Not Spinach
    We are crouched on our hands and knees, ripping out lettuce at Andrew’s Farm in Gardiner, Maine, where I work. “Some of them might be slimy,” says the owner, offering me gloves. I’m not squeamish, but he’s right. Many of the plants have rotted at the base, a symptom of a soil fungus brought about […]

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  • SDF Horti Software launches Stockflow

    SDF is launching Stockflow, a solution that allows growers to effortlessly manage both plants and stock items. "It transforms the way you manage your warehouse or distribution site", the team says. "Whether it's supplied from internal locations at one nursery or collected centrally from multiple sites, Stockflow…

  • Ukraine scraps special duty on rose imports

    The Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade has abolished special measures with regard to the imports of fresh cut roses regardless of the country of origin and their exports. Ukrainian media reported citing the commission's decision of May 20, which was published in the Uryadovy Kuryer…

  • New biological distributor aims to ensures effective thrips control

    Nearly two years ago, Leon Kouwenhoven, cultivation specialist at OK Plant in Naaldwijk (the Netherlands) faced a challenge when deploying his biological controls. He uses montdorensis against thrips, but noticed that he couldn't distribute his predatory mites evenly. He observed more thrips pressure on…

  • US (WI): Longtime garden center that closed in Milwaukee has reopened in St. Francis

    This small greenhouse in St. Francis is not your garden variety plant store. Owner of Custom Grown Greenhouses Paul Budzisz has over 50 years of gardening experience, which he said is "since I was just a lad at 16." He also employs a horticulturalist and master gardener. Mum is not the word (other than…

  • Grower of the Year Awards 2024 now open for entries

    Entries are invited for the 2024 Grower of the Year Awards to recognize and celebrate best practices in sustainable production in UK horticulture. The Grower of the Year Awards demonstrates the high caliber of UK nurseries that lead the way in quality, service, innovation, and peat reduction, and offers…

Bulb Industry

  • Thinking of growing controlled environment specialty crops?

    Specialty crops like heirloom tomatoes, which have not been bred for commercial controlled environment production, require more attention to detail in regards to how they are grown. Photo by Timothy Vollmer, Cornell Coop. Ext. If you are considering growing specialty crops in a greenhouse or vertical farm, it pays to do your homework. Before starting [...]

  • Vertical Farming World Congress 2024 to be held in Germany

    Zenith Global’s Vertical Farming World Congress is the highest level and most significant dedicated industry event of the year. Bringing together vertical farming operators, investors, suppliers and customers, the 5th annual event in Frankfurt will assemble key industry leaders from around the globe to debate and advance the industry’s future. There will be two days [...]

  • Lion’s Mane Regrows Nerves

    Lion’s Mane Hericium erinaceus  Can you believe this white ‘pom pom’ like fungus has properties that regrow nerves? This has been proven in several peer reviewed studies. Remarkably, this mushroom can grow larger than a baseball in under two months given the right controlled environment.  Substrates for Lion’s mane are commonly straw or sawdust based, [...]

  • CEA Summit East 2024 Graduate Student Research Poster Competition Call For Entries

    CEA Summit East 2024 is now accepting abstracts for the Graduate Student Research Poster Competition to be held as part of the October 1-2, 2024, edition at the Institute For Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) Conference Center in Danville, Virginia. CEA Summit East is focused on bringing together the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry and academia. Co-hosted [...]

  • USDA Seeks Members for Federal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking nominations for four positions on the Federal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. USDA will accept nominations until July 7, 2024. The 12-member Committee, which first convened in March 2022, is part of USDA’s efforts to increase support for urban agriculture and innovative production. Members [...]